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Professional writing services for nonprofits, small businesses and organizations

Whether applying for a grant, creating business plans & proposals, or documenting policies and procedures, The Write Narrative can help.

We provide exemplary nonprofit and small business consulting and writing services, with a focus on those that are minority and/or woman led. We utilize the creative art of writing, as a catalyst for positively impacting lives. We help you to effectively convey your vision and the purpose for your passion through consulting, planning, marketing, research, and writing assistance, including grant proposal creation or revision. We advance your narrative, so that YOU can achieve optimal success!

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Our Writing Services

You name it, we can do it. We provide a variety of professional writing services related to conveying your “write narrative”. Learn more about some of our writing services.

Grant Writing

We’ll have you access the loads of untapped funds available for those that provide selfless services in the quest to improve lives and conditions of those in need.

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Editing and Proofreading

We will work diligently to provide professional editing and proofreading services that ensure expert error proof correction and any other requested forms of review and modification.

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SEO Content Writing

We specialize in professional SEO content writing services that educate and entertain through creative marketing language. We will greatly increase organic traffic to your website and increase your company’s visibility, leaving a lasting impression.

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Grant Research

We conduct extensive research to obtain factual data that will support the reason why there is a great need for your product or services.

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Meet Our Fearless Leader

Hi, I’m Shounteé!

I create compelling content that advances initiatives steeped in equity, and those that open the doors to access, opportunity, healing, and empowerment. I have a deep love for the English language and the way in which words can be expertly chosen, altered, and organized into cohesive, impactful phrases of great power.

Years spent in the nonprofit sector taught me that when this power is used for good, it is the kryptonite that weakens disparity. The epic results change lives generationally.

I can’t wait to work with you.

The Write Narrative’s Four Pillars

  • We convey value through strategic business development and communication
  • We write to promote equity and systemic change
  • We tell impactful stories that encourage engagement and support
  • We lead with integrity

The Process

There are a few steps to crafting the “write narrative” for your business or organization. Contact us today to get started.

01. Let’s Chat

On our discovery call we’ll discuss your need for writing services and your goals.

02. Get a Free Estimate

We will craft a proposal for your project based on your specific needs and goals.

03. Research

We’ll conduct any research needed to support your project.

04. Write

We will handcraft the “write narrative” for your project that is supported by research, error-proof and prepared to meet your goals.

05. Submit

Final documents will be submitted to you for immediate use.

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