Grant Writing Services and Professional Grant Writing Consulting

Do you suffer from the nonprofit or small business blues because you are constantly funding your programs and services with money from your own pockets? Your self sacrifice is admirable. It is a testament to your dedication to service. However, now is the time for you to grow through the use of professional grant writing services. There is so much untapped funding available. There are loads of funds available for those that provide selfless services in the quest to improve lives and conditions of those in need. There is also a vast array of funding available for visionary small business leaders that decided to take a chance on an amazing idea! You just need the write grant writer on your team.

Partner with The Write Narrative. We can help you to tap into these resources. Let us help you to effectively convey your story – your narrative. In sharing the “why” behind what you do, you communicate the reason that you are driven by your passion. You give other individuals and organizations that have the same interests and passion the opportunity to help you sustain your current programs and services. You access the ability and resources needed to grow and to be able to provide even more.
The cornerstone of the Write Narrative is its successful work in validating the need for your service. We utilize facts to support our expertly crafted persuasive language. Our letters of intent and full proposals solicit and win substantial funding for the companies and nonprofits that we serve.