Professional Editing & Proofreading Services for Businesses and Nonprofits

We get it, we are annoying! But isn’t that what you want for your top copyeditors? We are the ones that politely correct the innocent butcher of the English language. Excuse me, but “pacific” is an ocean. The word is “specific” (insert polite smile). Um, Starbucks barista, there is no “x” in Espresso. There is, however, an “ex” in front of “scuse”!

Our annoying grammatical tendencies are a blessing and a curse. A curse only for those closest to us who just want to get on with the story, lol. A blessing for your business or nonprofit organization, because in presenting your brand, accuracy matters. Error proof work and words screams professionalism. So, you’ll want a professional editor and proofreader on your team. This attention to detail can be another attribute that sets your company apart.

We will work diligently to provide professional editing and proofreading services that ensure expert error proof correction and any other requested forms of review and modification. Our goal is to create consistent, accurate and complete work for your organization to distribute and/or share.